Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our Washington Experience

Well, Josh, Grandma and I are back from Washington DC. What a time we had!!!! Its amazing how much there is to do, to see, and how much HISTORY is all around you. You almost feel the past pulling you in!!!

When Josh first found out that he was selected to be the Missouri Champion for Children's Miracle Network, he was so thrilled!!! He is so committed to CMN and to being a voice for other children who are in the hospital and can't speak for themselves. When he found out he was going to get to go to Washington DC, he was overwhelmed!!!

Our trip started with the WONDERFUL staff from Delta Airlines welcoming Josh on their flight. When we arrived in Baltimore, the Delta crew had balloons waiting, along with some of their crew, to welcome Josh. People were clapping for him and I think he teared up!!!! It was quite a site. Then we met our wonderful CMN drivers, George and Susan, who took us to our wonderful room at the JW Marriott. Walking into that hotel was like walking into a different world!! It is BEAUTIFUL!!

After we got settled, we went to the pool, where we met the Taylors from Idaho and the Gladens from Texas. Our families became fast friends and that night we went to Capitol Hill Brewery. If you ever need some excellent Chili while you are in DC, this is your spot!!!

The next day we were introduced to many more families and to the wonderful folks from WalMart and Sams who came there to celebrate with us. THAT was so cool!!!! We walked to the DC ESPN Zone and when we got there, the Sams and WalMart employees were lined up on the sidewalk clapping and welcoming us. I felt like we should have been doing that for THEM!! We had a wonderful breakfast, got to listen to Country Superstar Mark Wills and his guitarist Kevin Key, and meet Miss America!!! Josh also got to play all the games he wanted to ESPN Zone and he REALLY enjoyed that.

Besides getting a fantastic bus tour of the DC area, stopping at the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, and going to the Air and Space Museum, we also got to go to Arlington National Cemetery and eat lunch at the Capitol. Claire McCaskill, Senator from Missouri, stopped by to say hello--that was awesome! We also got to go to the WHITE HOUSE and President Obama took pictures with the children, shook their hands, and was very attentive to them. He also shook the hands of parents and anyone else he could reach. I think he spent a great amount of time with us.

The trip has so many memories and we are SO EXCITED that we get to reunite with these families and their beautiful children at Disney World in November!!! We can't wait to see all our friends again and catch up on what everyone has been doing. Josh starts high school this fall, but he has a summer planned full of CMN experiences!!! Check back for updates!!!